Graduate Feature: Unique Journeys


Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating this year’s graduates’ work of all styles, giving a platform for new designers. We have been reviewing shows from colleges, universities and New Designers in London and have picked our top collections. Each collection is unique and shows a different set of skills by each of the designers.

The fourth week of our feature is all about the students that have truly unique ideas about print and structure – the work that truly stood out to us at New Designers.

Aidan Whitley

Aidan Whitley is a student with exciting, new ideas from Leeds College of Art. Inspirations for his FMP included Memphis Milano, the Bauhaus in particular Johannes Itten and Wassily Kandinsky:

My inspiration is more in terms of concept. As a designer I aim to be as multi disciplinary as possible, combination of discipline, process, Methodolody and ideation to become a creative all rounder, adept to tackle any brief. This comes from the ethos of the Bauhaus, which I wrote my dissertation on. This project in particular was also attempting to make what could be considered tasteless, tasteful. Using bright clashy colours, bulky materials and block dynamic shapes, I produced a collection which could span many markets and contexts. This collection was a combination of Bauhaus ethics and Memphis design values. Making something entirely functional but still adorning it with pattern print and colour!


See more of his work: and @aidanwhitley

aidan1    aidan2

Aidan’s work at New Designers 2016:




Ciara Long

Ciara studied a Master of Design in Surface Pattern Design at UWTSD, Swansea College of Art. Her illustrations and prints are fun and quirky:

The final major project for my masters collection was inspired by my environment. Things such as rummaging through antique shops, travel and even just making a cup of tea were recorded in my sketchbook and influenced the final outcomes of the project.

My aspirations for the future are to work as an in house print designer surrounded by lots of like minded creatives.


See more of her work on and her Instagram @ciaralongpattern




ciaralong03   ciaralong02


Molly Hutchinson

Molly Hutchinson studied BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design, specialising in Surface Design, at Buckinghamshire New University:

My collection, DE:HABITUATION, consists of Jesmonite tiles and larger-scale pieces that explore incidental mark-making techniques. Habituation results in parts of a landscape going unnoticed because they are no longer new. The collection, created for an interior setting, is designed to delay the occurence of habituation through hand-craft techniques that continuously produce unique and unexpected outcomes. In a time when technology is rapidly developing, and in many fields replacing people, design that celebrates the uniqueness of the human touch is becoming increasingly popular. The collection responds to this trend, demonstrating it has not been mass-produced through its incidental processes.

I would like to work in a multidisciplinary way, on lots of different exciting projects for varied applications. I want to experience designing for furniture, product and paper product, but I also love styling and photography as well as graphic design and publications. I would like to be able to continue designing and developing my creative style, and learn from other creatives in a work environment.

Contact Molly:

See more of her work on Instagram: @mol_hutch




Rosemary Graves

Rosemary Graves recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in printed textiles:

Designers such as Emma Mulholland, Walter Van Beirendonch and Comme Des Garcons have all inspired me to think outside of the subject matter you would normally use for fashion prints, allowing me to draw inspiration from people and shapes I see on the streets of cities, even a man selling hot dogs in Covent Garden. I took a lot of pictures of urban environments, inspiring me to decorate the people with pattern, or taking individual shapes to form new, quite random patterns. Working with more characterful but possibly less visually appealing images allowed me the freedom to inject my own metropolis of colour. I love the use of black backgrounds with flashes of bright tones, like a school blackboard with coloured chalk scribbled over it.

I could honestly scroll down my instagram feed for days and days, which is where, along with going to Pick me Up graphic arts festival, I found an obsession with graphic artists such as Sara Andreasson and Laura Callaghan to name a few. This influenced me heavily to give my work a very digitalised feel.

I would love to work in a print design studio for fashion, or even a graphic design studio. These next few years I really want to push myself to produce as much quality design work as possible wherever I end up!

Contact Rosie:

See more of her work:     @rozprintz


IMG_6906TINT     3d blobs

hot dogs scarf 3d TIFF



PLEASE NOTE: These designs are the intellectual property of the artists and as such may not be used or replicated but may be available for purchase direct from the artist.

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