Graduate Feature: Making Their Mark


Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating this year’s graduates’ work of all styles, giving a platform for new designers. We have been reviewing shows from colleges, universities and New Designers in London and have picked our top collections. Each collection is unique and shows a different set of skills by each of the designers.

For our first week, we’ve put together designers who are making their mark, inspired by technology and the urban scene, and different styles and eras of architecture.

Pindi Kaur


Pindi Kaur studied BA (Hons) Textile Design at De Montfort University:

I am textiles designer, specialising in printed textiles. I created a collection called ‘Transmit’ where the concept was based on technology and focusing on intricate details of computer chips, broken electronic devices, and the strong mark marking of sound waves and electrical currents. In terms of my design direction, I am attracted to strong structures, crisp lines and abstract shapes with fine detail, which overlap onto textures. I enjoy layering medias together by combining digital printing with layers of screen printing on top, as well as being able to experiment, by altering the scale of patterns and manipulating the surface of fabrics with pigments and the technique of foiling. Pindi wants to continue on designing, to create collections, as well as focusing on pursing a career in merchandising.

Contact Pindi:


website e   website c

Sophie Wade


Sophie’s final collection was inspired by the Barbican estate in London. She studied Textile Design (BA Hons) at Nottingham Trent University:

I wanted to challenge the aesthetic of this brutal, concrete utopia and make it contemporary and wearable for fashion fabrics. I loved building a strong concept for my final project and building a particular look and style. Although my work is predominately digital, I am very hands on in the first stages of design. I like to use many different types of media in my sketchbook work and create quite textural, collaged pieces of work before scanning in and developing the designs.

Sophie is starting at the Next head office in a few weeks in Leicester as a Trainee Buyer for Home:

Slightly different to my final project as I was taken down the fashion route, but I have always seen myself working for homewares and I’m really excited to work for a company like Next who are so involved with design and fashion to keep me in the loop!

Contact Sophie:

See more of her work on her Instagram: @sewtextiles



Charlotte Gibson


Charlotte Gibson was also inspired by architecture for her final project on Textile Design at De Montfort University:

Architecture is hugely influencing my approach right now, the idea of symmetry and balance in grid like forms, teamed with light and shadow. This concept is based around the Bauhaus style and its influence in modern design. As a designer my style automatically veers towards Art Deco style and I wanted to give my collection a contemporary twist by carefully selecting the right colour ways and scale without it looking too retro.

T E L   A V I V

‘Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form’

I have always been interested in how I inhabit spaces and how I can change them to feel more aesthetic. I want to design what I love. If I can indulge myself into a creative process and spread this emotion and beauty through interior textile design alone then I have done something right. This is where I want to be. This is where I will be.

Contact Charlotte:




Jessica Ellwood


Jessica Ellwood studied Textile Design BA (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University and has also been inspired by the urban world:

My inspiration comes from materials which make up the urban environment, responding to how metal warps and rusts over time, or how concrete weathers and decays. Likewise, I love to explore fabric, and its potentials in line with print. I like to ask questions about print – what would happen if I pleat this? How can I create this texture on a flat surface?

I would like to technically develop my screen printing skills – my dream would be to work in a small, creative studio where I can work alongside other like-minded people. Running my own studio is something I would love to do!

Contact Jessica at :

And see more of her work on her Instagram: @jessellwoodprints



PLEASE NOTE: These designs are the intellectual property of the artists and as such may not be used or replicated but may be available for purchase direct from the artist.


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