Missoni Art Colour

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By Alannah Messett – designandcolour@gmail.com


We visited the Fashion & Textile Museum’s current exhibition on Missoni’s rich history and delved into the creative process of the famous fashion house.

In 1953, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni got married and started a small knitwear workshop in their basement. In 1966, they have their first fashion show to the press in Milan, with the collection breaking away ‘from traditional knitwear patterns.’ Now, they are one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.


The exhibition takes us through the roots, style and dialogues of Missoni, as well as their passions and inspirations. Ottavio and Rosita were greatly inspired by the art of the twentieth century, particularly the avant-garde. ‘It was in this context, that an expressive language, based on the rhythmic composition of shapes and the use of pure colours was established.’


Sonia Delaunay: Rhythm Colour no. 1076, 1939

Passion for Material

‘Both “colour” and “material” are the elements essential to my craft. As for my patchworks, they are a natural extension of my work, of the pleasure I get from playing with these little pieces of multicolour knit fabrics where each single one deserves a particular attention since it has a story and a life of its own’ – Ottavio Missoni




Missoni’s style has a strict aesthetic shown through colour, material and form. This can be seen in the outfits shown in the exhibition. ‘The garments highlight the elegance and softness of the knitted yarn, which is the house’s principal stylistic feature.’



Ottavio Missoni. Untitled, 1973. Acrylic on board.




Here, we see the direct influences of Missoni. Sketches, paintings and studies by Ottavio Missoni are on display, showing the use of sign, shape and colour.



Knitting: Material & Colour

‘I would like to describe visually the fascination of a creative process that leads to the physcial transformation of material. It is the mystique of colour taking shape…It is the art of creating a fabric’. – Luca Missoni


Missoni Art Colour is on at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London until 4th September 2016. Read more here.

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