Ellie J Shore

sarah design

Sarah Glyn-Woods – designandcolour@gmail.com


Ellie is a Textile designer based in Bath who studied at Manchester School of Art, with a gorgeous range of digitally printed scarves. She was able to gain a start up loan from the Prince’s Trust and has effused about the help she has had from this organization and her personal mentor Jane. The advice has been on running a small business, financial guidance as well as introductions to local people and businesses.


Her print designs are unique and diverse; some marry strong bold monochromatic with marks of a single contrasting or complimentary colour. Others have a more painterly feel with splashes of colour, some over laid with delicate grids and some more organic abstract feather prints. There is lots of surface interest and a mature controlled use of colour.


Ellie’s line consists of large scarves and oversized tunics. She aims to give her clients a piece of clothing that is both unique and makes a personal statement.

Ezza in Bath and Tomorr0w’s Store in London sell her products and Ellie is looking to distribute her line through more independent retailers. The Print Affair endorse her beautiful prints and suggest you visit her website to learn more at eleanorjshore.co.uk.


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