Dolce & Gabbana’s Abaya and Hijab Collection

sarah design

Sarah Glyn-Woods –

I would like to salute Dolce and Gabbana for their perfectly timed and beautiful collection of abayas and hijabs including some wonderful D&G signature colourful prints. May we support our sisters of all religious denominations by creating stylish and elegant fashions for everyone.

The Italian label’s collection includes feminine prints such as polkadots and daisies on beautiful silk and satin finishes.


Photos: Vogue

As some of you well know, Alice and I are often astounded by the immodest and paltry amounts of fabric used in the manufacture of garments using our designs. Thank heavens that the stylish French market still has a market sector that prefer full length modest dressing gowns.


Mr. Trump would do better to help the textile industry by supporting modest dressing and the growth in consumption of plain and printed fabric. Well done D&G and let us hope this starts a new trend!

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