House of Hackney x William Morris

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By Alannah Messett –

House of Hackney is a luxury lifestyle brand, based in London, known for their beautiful prints. They were invited by the William Morris Gallery into the William Morris archive to choose key prints to be reimagined ‘for a new generation’. Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle took inspiration from the late artist and philosopher when they opened House of Hackney in 2010.

“Peacock and Dragon, Hyacinth and Blackthorn were selected for their stunning symmetrical proportions and imaginative use of motifs from the natural world. Adding a House of Hackney touch, Frieda and Javvy re-worked each print, experimenting with repeats and scales and applying a brighter, bolder colour palette than was possible with the natural vegetable dyes used by Morris & Co. The collection is completed by the Artemis print, a psychedelic homage to Morris’ work.” –

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From House of Hackney’s Instagram: L U X U R Y made affordable. Our F U R N I T U R E monthly finance plan for in store and online furniture purchases makes it easier to get the piece you’ve been C O V E T I N G all season. #HoHxWilliamMorris #Blackthorn #WilliamMorris #MadeinEngland

The collection incorporates interiors and clothing, including House of Hackney’s iconic pineapple lamps, reworked with the William Morris touch. HoH’s emphasis on quality, as well as being designed and made in England, make this a perfect collaboration.

“The collaboration was a dream project to work on. His principle of coupling beautiful design with a social conscience was a key inspiration in the founding of our own brand, and we are privileged to have been allowed to access his spectacular archive, bringing his works to a new audience,” said Freda Gormley, one half of HOH’s founders.


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From House of Hackney’s Instagram: Luxury C U S H I O N S to suit all. Find our extensive range online and in store. #HoHxWilliamMorris #WilliamMorris #Gifts

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From House of Hackney’s Instagram: Prepping for W I N T E R ? Our B E S P O K E services are to hand for unique upholstery and curtains. Drop by the Shoreditch store or drop us an email to see what we can do for you. Did you know 15% of sales of our P I N K products, like Artemis Amaranth Pink, will be donated to @breastcancernow in aid of #BreastCancerAwareness month? #ThinkPink #HoHxWilliamMorris

“Ornamental pattern work… must contain three qualities: beauty, imagination and order.” – William Morris

Shop here: HoHxWilliamMorris

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