Fast Fashion Spring Summer 2016


Last week Sublitex launched a fabulous new collection of print designs for Fast Fashion Spring Summer 2016 in their offices at Dock Leicester.
The collection was diverse including gigantic digital placement prints of realistic and beautifully drawn flowers, vintage themes including Arts and Craft designs, catwalk inspired looks, and much, much more. There was an overall impression of femininity and optimism.


The colours were to die for, whether sophisticated grounds of french navy, deep teals and silver greys to the prettiest pinks, mints, lavenders and soft blues. Customers were delighted to see a new direction that was exciting and fresh.


flower mood

Sophisticated Florals

indie mood

Indie Chic

shibori mood

Shibori Blue






Catwalk inspired looks

The print market in 2015 has been, for the most part, boring and stagnant. Many High Street retailers have shown rather cheap and nasty imported prints poorly conceived and executed. There has been little delicacy or subtleties in design, just piles of the same old aztec geometrics and blotchy florals with the occasional digital print to cheer us up.

The new Sublitex collection became even more exciting as everyone could see a way to break free from this mould. We cannot wait to see these prints in the stores next Spring.


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