Catwalk Designs


Following the Top Picks from NTU fashion students we have put together some prints, available through Design and Colour, to respond to these cat walk looks. It is always good to seem some newcomers in the selection such as Giamba and aniimiism. Prints, highly decorative and ornate embellishments seem prevalent and a feast for the eyes and it will be interesting to see how the high street interprets this look. Sublimation print offers a quick and economic method to decorate fabric with our extensive collection of rotagravure and digital prints.

5A175 vest 5A175_042

5A560 vest 5A560_034

5A617 vest 5A617_044

5E111 vest 5E111_025

5E327 vest 5E327_012

5E357 vest  5E367_013

5E358_040 5E358 vest

5E399 vest 5E399_034

5E640 vest 5E640_023

52982 vest 52982_146

55329 vest 55329_109

55809 vest 55809_196

55949 vest 55949_163

56723 vest 56723_125

56740 vest 56740_106

57410 vest 57410_063

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