Heimtextil Show, Frankfurt

Heimtextil is an International fair held for 4 days each January in Frankfurt, Germany. The show is enormous and over several floors in 8 halls and covers every domestic and contract textile from bath mats to window blinds. Most designers will head there either as exhibitors or visitors in order to visit the trend hall and studios for new ideas and artwork. I bought designs with the UK contract furnishing market in mind while there.

Sarah and Manuela

Sarah and Manuela

If you do not know this show you can find out more by visiting heimtextil.messefrankfurt.com which has some interesting photographs plus full exhibitor information. Top tip for anyone ever considering going, comfortable foot wear and a layering of clothes so that you can shed when you come in from the cold outside. This year it was not too bad as there have been years with deep deep snow.

I was there as the agent for Sublitex and here are a few pictures of their stand.

Trends in Home Furnishing Wall

Trends in Home Furnishing Wall

Trends Wall

Trends Wall

Jane Mayman from Behrens



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